Warehouse Disco " Mask Required"
Trilogy of Tears
Booster Shot
Feeling Better
Socially  Distant



I could ask you to read the Reviews  If you would rather listen to Jazz Standards I'm playing Keytar on Featured Tracks.
Up and Coming
Jazz  piano student Steve expresses the art of free improvisation.

Lessons in piano and keytar are available

This version Linus & Lucy was recorded by a talented jazz student on her lesson day.

I recorded this when I was a student;  Beethoven Sonata Ab Op110 


Showcase weekends, evenings, private events


Hope, piano student Rod's song orchestrated: Massive Synthesizer-Hollywood Strings.



Private Lessons? Online instruction? A new player in the band? Maybe you just want to get acquainted?  Book an Evening? Give me a shout.

Thanks! Message sent.

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Some of the music on this site incorporates loops from SessionBand

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